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How to participate?

Welcome everybody to DayofDH. This year’s celebration will take place on April 20th and until then, we look forward to your collaboration in order to enrich this blog with the lives of each digital humanist.

The objective of this project is to foster collaboration and cooperation in this platform, which will allow us to draw an image of the Digital Humanities panorama of today.

All the contributions will be hosted on this website (http://dayofdh2017.linhd.es/). We encourage you to collaborate from now on so that, over time, we can carry out a small semantic edition of the projects that you show us, which we will put at your disposal once edited. We expect that, beyond the original online publication, raw data will be available to those interested in a deeper visualization or ethnographic research within the digital community.

How to collaborate?

If you want to contribute your data to this year’s DayofDH, you should follow the next four steps to register and prepare to document your work on DayofDH on April 20, 2017.

1 Create an account through the registry, which will allow you to create a blog on DayofDH

2 Once you have registered and open an account, you must complete the field: “How would you define DH?” You must do it in this web: (http://dayofdh2017.linhd.es/)

3 Once your account has been approved, you can create a page “About me” in which we encourage you to describe who are you and what do you do. You can start doing it before April 20th, to learn how to use the version of WordPress we are using for this site.

4 It will be interesting that you publish photos of your day to day as a digital humanist. However, be careful with the rights to publish the activities. (Attention to photos of minors!)

In addition, we encourage you to follow these tips so that your participation is visual and coherent:

1 Customize the theme of your blog for DayofDH 2017 (you can add a custom header, change the sidebar widgets, etc.)

2 Change the password of your site (Found in Users> Profile in the Blog Dashboard)

3 Change the time zone of the place where you are going to be that day (Settings> General in the Dashboard)

4 Create the page “About Me” and upload photos and images (Pages> Add New to the Dashboard)

Why collaborate?

DayofDH literally simulates “a day in the lives of digital humanists”. To be efficient, the DayofDH must be enriched with a wide range of experiences, projects, ideas … and you are necessary! In order to draw the context and the situation of the DH, we need to collect real data in the collective set. The question we are asking is: “What do the Digital Humanities really do?”

Tell us about your projects, your collaborations, ideas … Let us live a day of your digital humanist life!

How can I follow the development of DayofHD?

When DayofDH 2016 is under way, here are some ways to follow it:

On the web, you can see throughout the day the development of blogging activities through the “Activity” section.
In an RSS reader (ie the newsreader), there is a source of DayofDH activity.
On Twitter, follow the discussion on #DayofDH and do not hesitate to participate.
As a reminder, there are many ways to participate. If you find messages and featured tweets, you can share them on Twitter or the DayofDH blog. To respond to messages, do not be shy about commenting. You must join the conversation, since DayofDH is a community event.

Labeling …

This year (as in the last year) we are encouraging all participants to make use of the tagging function of blogs within WordPress. If you want to use a tag, be sure to use the DDH-prefix (ie: DDH-food, DDH-break, etc.)

Groups and discussion forums

This year, we offer another chance for DayofDH participants (and the broader academic audience) to interact with others. Users can create community groups to facilitate conversation, collaboration, and interaction around a specific topic, domain, or interest group. Each group (all that appear in this list can also have a discussion forum (all that appear in this list). For example, if you want to create a forum exclusively dedicated to medieval digital studies, mapping, digital culture, data visualization, TEI, mobile development or digital archeology … you can!

To create a group (and an associated discussion forum if you wish), click here.

Who organizes DayofHD 2017?

DayofDH is an initiative of CenterNet, an International Network of Centers of Digital Humanities formed in a cooperative and collaborative way for the benefit of the digital humanities and related fields in general, and other centers such as cyberinfrastructure. DayofDH 2017 counts on the lodging and technical support of the LINHD Digital Innovation Lab of the UNED. The LINHD team for DayofDH 2017 is headed by Elena Gonzalez-Blanco (UNED) and Gimena del Río Riande (Conicet, Argentina) – so if you have any problems or questions, we will be happy to help you through Of the emails egonzalezblanco@flog.uned.es and gdelrio@conicet.gov.ar.

DayofDH counts with the sincere support the following institutions of the UNED:


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