Alluvial graphs and multilingual frequency data

First task of the day for me is to think of how best we can plan a small interdisciplinary project with Digital Humanities Department (DDH), Informatics and KDL to enhance the excellent work of a DH PhD thesis on the analysis of frequency data across languages.

The project will be short but should lead to something bigger. KDL role will be both to glue the several components of the project (linguistic and stylistic analysis with algorithm criticism, tick descriptions with exploratory yet impactful graphics) as well as to experiment with some concrete prototypes of data extraction and visualisation.

What I am looking at at the moment to draft our term of reference, requirements and associated costing for the project (yep, that’s what analysts do) are some alluvial graphs created with RAW such as the ones used by Miriam Posner in her teaching and blog posts:

Taken from Miriam Posner blog post

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