Big screens, little screens

This morning I came in to find a large box on my desk. My new desktop screen had arrived. Had our daily morning standup, checked my emails, conversed with other team members on slack.

Had a little get together with Arianna, Paul, and Geoffroy, to discuss the design and UX process of my current project, Culture Case Data Portal, a collaboration with the Cultural Institute and Department of Informatics  (Data Science programme). Got some good feedback from them.

Unpacked the screen along with another arrival of colour pens for sketching. Took out a couple of books from our lab’s library about data visualisation; something we plan to work more with. Set up my screen, trying it in portrait, which has sparked a few glances. Received email feedback from the partners so the rest of the day will be dedicated to working on the Culture Case Data Portal project.

Tiffany Ong

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