Different views on similar problems

For obvious reasons, KDL collaborations tend to be rooted within the Faculty of Arts and Humanities or with colleagues external to the College experimenting with the digital but associated mainly with art and humanities disciplines. Today, however, in connection with the project mentioned in this post, Geoffroy and I headed to the Department of Informatics (Algorithms and Bioinformatics)  to have a chat about the challenges of text alignment and of detecting patterns of texts in translation.

There are certainly confusions and misunderstandings over terminologies and epistemic traditions, but there is also recognition that what are big challenges for DH projects are more often than not big challenges also for informatics. So for example, in the specific case we were discussing, processing multilingual texts in translation  present fundamental mathematical challenges whereby on top of performing probabilistic  or uncertain string matching one also has to deal with Abelian groups and permutation.

Over a white board and notepad we got to map our different views on similar problems spanning from disease patterns in gene strings to idiosyncratic translation variants.

Arianna Ciula and Geoffroy Noel

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