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And the Day is over!

Dear Digital Humanists, The DayofDH2017 has finished! We had 123 users registered, both in English and Spanish, 9 groups, 92 blogs created and 8 discussion forums, a very intense activity during the last days and a lot of interesting stuff to read during the following days! Thanks a lot for your collaboration and participation! Best [...]

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LINHD will teach Digital Humanities in Cuba!

  Digital Humanities. Possibilities of development in Cuba, is the postgraduate course that will be taught by Dra. Gimena del Rio Riande (IIBICRIT-SECRIT, CONICET, Argentina) and Dr. Elena González Blanco (LINHD-UNED, Spain). This course aims to analyze the Digital Humanities from a theoretical, historical, conceptual and practical point of view, and offer a broad panorama [...]

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Geoffrey Rockwell talks about the DayofDH…

A Few Words on The Day of Digital Humanities The Day of Digital Humanities project started out in a coffee shop called Leva near the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Stan Ruecker, myself and Peter Organisciak were talking about how one might develop digital humanities projects that didn’t need to first get funding to [...]

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Use of the taxonomy in DH of TaDiRAH

Hello everybody! Now, we are going to explain you how to use the taxonomy in DH of TaDiRAH. This is, how to use the categories for each of your posts. 1) First, you have to link in this url of Google Drive: Here, you have both taxonomies in English and in Spanish. Select what [...]

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How to create a blog

HOW TO CREATE A BLOG 1)Go to the website: (This website 2)Go to the upper rightside and press “Register"   3) Fill in your user profile 4) Check your email to activate your user account 5) Go to the upper right side of the website and press “sign in" 6) Now go to the upper left side [...]

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DH Mondays

Dear Digital Humanists, welcome to MondaysofDH! (Digital Humanities or High Definition: P) From now on, every Monday there will be a publication in relation to the Digital Humanities to start the week well Why Mondays? Has anyone ever felt the "evil of Mondays"? Let's change things and let's enjoy our work! There are studies [...]

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