LINHD will teach Digital Humanities in Cuba!

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LINHD will teach Digital Humanities in Cuba!


Digital Humanities. Possibilities of development in Cuba, is the postgraduate course that will be taught by Dra. Gimena del Rio Riande (IIBICRIT-SECRIT, CONICET, Argentina) and Dr. Elena González Blanco (LINHD-UNED, Spain).

This course aims to analyze the Digital Humanities from a theoretical, historical, conceptual and practical point of view, and offer a broad panorama that covers the definition of this discipline / scientific field from multiple perspectives. The topics will include, among others, the definition (s) of Digital Humanities, the history of academic discipline worldwide and its main areas of activity, as well as a general description of tools, software and technical knowledge, Research, and its influence on the redefinition of university education and research on the humanities. Examples of repositories and databases will be offered and their advantages compared to other data storage and marking systems discussed.

Coordinador: Msc.  Maytée García  Vázquez

Palce: Centro Martin Luther King

Days: 9 y 10 de mayo de 2017.

Institutions that participate in the event: Instituto Cubano del Libro / Centro Martin Luther King

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