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DH Mondays

Dear Digital Humanists, welcome to MondaysofDH! (Digital Humanities or High Definition: P) From now on, every Monday there will be a publication in relation to the Digital Humanities to start the week well

Why Mondays? Has anyone ever felt the “evil of Mondays”? Let’s change things and let’s enjoy our work!

There are studies that say that this “evil” is due, among other aspects, to the little socialization we do due to our little humor in this day … We do not know if they will be right, but just in case, we want to start well every week encouraging you to cooperation, collaboration and socialization in order to continue to grow this community and learn from each other.

This Monday we want to remind you that we are getting closer to DayofDH on April 20, 2017. Therefore, we encourage you to collaborate and write Blog entries to be ready for the big day!
Mondays: Fridays of those who love their work!

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