It was a bright cold day in April…

…and I suppose at one point this afternoon the digital clock on my computer display must have got to 13:00. But there was no striking, per se, unless you count the hourly vibration thing my Fitbit does in an almost entirely futile attempt to get me to move around for a bit. It’s OK, I walk to work, so I get my 10,000 steps.

This is my first April in Australia. In my mind, it should be spring, with a promise of warmth, and the holidays, and the Digital Humanities Summer School in Oxford with its amazing* Linked Data workshop. Only the last of those is true right now, but I am looking forward to it again this July, and if you’re interested in Linked Data, you should sign up! We’re a very friendly bunch of people.

*OK, so it is the workshop I convene and teach so there might be some bias in my evaluation.

In my daily life, I’m a Lecturer of Digital Humanities at the Centre for Digital Humanities Research at the Australian National University. I am currently reading and grading the mid-term assessments for my students on the HUMN1001 Digital Culture: Being a Human in the Information Age course. It’s a really enjoyable course and my students are a brilliant bunch of people.

Amongst my teaching, I do research as well. With a background in Assyriology, I work on papers which discuss the merits of Open Access and Open Data, as well as Linked Data for the assyriological community. I have a few papers forth-coming with co-authors in Canada, France, and the UK, and I’m hoping to be presenting at ASOR on the topic in November.  My other assyriological interests have been on collaborating with Dan Pett from the British Museum to produce some 3D models of cuneiform objects.

Most recently, I’ve been biting my nails wondering how the video for our JazzCats project will do in the LODLAM challenge. This video does a 2min description of the jazz music and Linked Open Data project I worked on with my colleagues in the UK and Australia. If you like it, please vote, it would be much appreciated! (Pssst! You just need to hover over the stars 🙂 ) We will be giving a talk about it at the DH conference in Montreal in August, hope to see many of you DHers there!